Matthew Ryan

Country artist & songwriter

Matthew Ryan was raised on traditional country in the Texas town of Elmendorf. When his grandfather first played “Workin’ Man Blues” on their cassette player, Matthew learned the words within hours, and since then, hasn’t stopped singing true country tunes that define his sound today.

His honky tonkin’ music isn’t just played across the Texas region, but across the world on radio stations. This now international artist is no stranger to dance halls, night clubs, saloons, festivals and even arenas, performing in Arlington at AT&T Stadium.

“I’ve known it since the time I was a boy, singing Merle and Lefty and Hank, that I wanted to be up on stage, entertaining crowds who want to hear real country music,” said Matthew. Now in his mid-20s, he’s made his real dream a reality.

Matthew released his first single, “Downin’ Alcohol,” which peaked at #48 on the Texas Regional Top 100 Chart. After gaining momentum, his second single broke the Top 40, “Buzzin’ On Your Love," followed by the #1 requested song in South Texas, "Honky Tonk Downstairs." Matthew and the band's traditional country sound led them to become San Antonio Artist of 2024 in MySA, taking home the 1st place title after being a finalist in 2023.

This 6’4” country artist is on the road day and night entertaining in a town near you.





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